Quick-Dry Magic™ Hair Cap

Quick-Dry Magic™ Hair Cap

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This microfiber hair towel is the perfect bathroom accessory for any woman with any length of hair! Simply put your wet hair in the towel, wrap and twist your hair in the towel and secure it with the elastic tie and button. The microfiber material will help soak up the water from your head and leave you with towel-dried hair! You cannot pass up this light weight towel for your bathroom!

  • This microfiber hair-drying cap has super water-absorbent ability.
  • This cap is ultra-lightweight and comfortable on hair and skin
  • Microfiber towels are ideal for daily use at home, in the gym and traveling
  • Great helper in facial, bathing, make-up, face washing
  • One piece fits all; really a great product for women of all ages!

Use it to dry your hair, especially long hair, fast and easy without an electric hair blower.
The cap includes a button & loop for keeping it on securely.  Easy to wash, with no softener, or bleaching.  Size: 21 x 51cm.

How to Use The Cap

1. Bend forward and let your hair flow down naturally.
2. Put on the magic hair drying cap and twist around the hair.
3. Fold back the magic hair drying cap button up at the hair.  

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